Friday, April 29, 2011

Introduction to My Pink Megaphone

My first blog….Where to start? 

Everyone has a blog. Why do I really want to start one myself? Well, I moved from Indianapolis to Colorado Springs in 2010 and then I moved to Gaithersburg, MD in the spring of 2011. At this rate, I can only imagine how many friendships I will gain throughout my travels.  It has really opened my eyes to the fact that I have friends and family all over the country.  Michael and I have been on so many adventures in the 7 months we have been married. I know that you are curious to hear about our adventures that we encounter on this grand odyssey.  So here is another way that you can hear the stories of our lives from the perspective of my pink megaphone. 

So you might ask how I came up with “My Pink Megaphone?”  Well, Michael and I recently went to the Love and Respect Conference in February of this year. You can find out more about the book and the conferences at  Dr. Eggerichs introduced a new perspective on how men listen to women and how women listen to men.  I could go into detail and maybe someday I will do a book review on here, but let me get right to the point. So many times I might be “yelling” at Michael through my pink megaphone but he simply can’t understand me because he is listening through his blue hearing aids.  The situation can go vise versa as well with Michael trying with everything that is in him to communicate effectively to me through his blue megaphone but I simply can’t understand because of my pink hearing aids. Our perspectives and backgrounds are so different and yet we both have valid points to a certain degree.
In light of this struggle to communicate and get my words out effectively, I thought this media would be good for me.  It is life according to my perspective though my pink megaphone, but sometimes life just needs to be documented. We have to communicate our lives effectively in a way that we can see God working in our lives and how we have overcome stumbling blocks in our way. These stumbling blocks make us stronger and remind us to be careful what we ask for because we might just get it. Quite frankly, I need a way to get my voice out when the world hands me nothing but a bunch of listening blue hearing aids that can’t quite get the point. 

Being in a brand new city, knowing absolutely no one but my husband can get really lonely. He is great, don’t get me wrong, but I am a social being. I find my energy in being around people. Eventually, I will find some social circles to get involved with and a church home. Until then, I still have to deal with the time differences, lonely moments when no one seems within reach, and I feel like I am in a different country even though I am at the doorstep of our Nation’s capitol.  I need some kind of outlet. “My pink megaphone” seems like a great idea.

Now that we are officially in our new town home with the boxes unpacked; it is starting to feel homier. The Atlas people came today to pick up all of the cardboard and packing supplies. I don’t really want to store of all those boxes and blank newspaper. We haven’t finished putting up pictures and paintings, but I am sure that I will post pictures as soon as we get the place set up. 

Please continue to pray for us as we get settled in a new community and I continue on my job search. We miss everyone very much and hope to stay in touch.

Much Love,