Monday, July 4, 2011

4th of July in Washington DC 2011

Michael and I just got back from our first 4th of July in Washington D.C. Let me tell you what an experience! We started the day out early by taking a walk in the Great Falls area at the Billy Goat Trail. It was so great to have an awesome hike with Josh and Ariana Fisher and Sarah Klein. It was an exhausting morning but we came home and rested a little bit before going down to D.C. Check out more about our trail at

So after showers and some food, Michael and I watched Saving Private Ryan and chilled out till about 5:00. Then we headed into the city with our camping chairs and city survival gear. The metro did not stop at certain  stations for security reasons so we got off at Metro Center and headed towards Washington Monument. Words can not express the mass amount of people and organized chaos. We found a nice spot on the grass in front of the Washington Monument facing the Lincoln Memorial with Jefferson Thomas' Memorial to our left and the White House to the right. It was perfect. 

We sat down and enjoyed the live concerts and demonstrations on the main stage. Jo Dee Messina even stopped by to sing a few songs. I met a family to our left who seemed like they were from out of town with no chairs or a blanket to sit on. Luckily, Michael and I were more than prepared and we had an extra picnic blanket. I felt inclined to offer it to them for the evening and I could tell that they were grateful. When they gave it back to us we found out that they were from Ft. Wayne, IN of all places and that their son was in Purdue Engineering. They were just visiting some family in Bethesda. Michael and I wished them safe travels and we followed the masses to the metro center station. 

Getting to the metro station was a crazy experience, but getting to the train was a suffocating experience.  I can't even begin to explain the imagery of the  masses of people going to the same place...the metro stations. Michael pulled me along as he weaved through the people traffic. We had to pause quickly for some kind of cavalry of official vehicles but other than that...we just kept on moving forward. Once we got to the metro center station the suffocation began. It was such a slow, sweaty, claustrophobic process. Just to get through the pass reader took what seemed like an eternity. Once we got on a packed train, the chanting and energy continued. An entourage of  people intimidated people from getting in the train after it filled at the first stop. I was kind of glad in a way because it was just so packed. They all cheered when people got off and there was just the tiniest bit of breathing room. When they left it was so quiet that it was shocking. Michael and I eventually got some seats as we headed into Maryland. I was never so glad to get to our Shady Grove Station.

How wonderful it was to celebrate the 4th of July in our Nations capitol. It was almost overwhelming as you would hear thousands of people chanting "U.S.A." after the finale of the fireworks. I am so glad that I was able to check this experience off my bucket list. =D 
Till the next adventure,